Plenary Lectures and Short Courses


Plenary Lectures

Joe Greene, University of Illinois, USA  Fundamental properties of transition metal nitrides: Design strategies for growth of self organized nitride nanostructures
Kang L. Wang, UCLA, USA  Epitaxial oxides for spintronics
Emmanuel Haro Poniatowski, UAM-Iztapalapa, Mexico Transport and optical phenomena in matter
Ali Erdemir, Argonne National Lab. USA Innovative design concepts in nanocomposite coatings for extreme tribological applications
Juan Antonio Zapien, City University, Hong Kong Hybrid photonic/plasmonic nanostructures for sensing and energy applications
Pedro Prieto, Universidad del Valle, Cali Colombia Electric and magnetic properties of multiferroic oxide thin films
Juan Martínez Pastor, Universidad de Valencia, Spain Semiconductor nanostructures and nanophotonics for quantum information technology
Aristides Marcano, University of Delaware, USA Optimized photothermal lens experiment: Applications and perspectives
Gottlieb Oehrlein, University of Maryland, USA Plasma-materials interactions – from nanostructures to metamaterials
René Olivares-Navarrete, Georgia Tech and Emory University, USA Surface Properties of Biomaterials and Their Application in Endogenous Tissue Engineering
Daniel Sanchez Portal, Centro de Física de Materiales CFM, Centro Mixto CSIC-UPV/EHU, Spain  Theoretical studies of the magnetism induced by defects and non-magnetic adsorbates in graphene and carbon nanotubes


Short Courses

Joe Greene, University of Illinois, USA Growth of Self-assembled Nanostructures (the materials science of small things)
D. Depla, Ghent University, Belgium Reactive sputter deposition
Juan Antonio Zapien, City University, Hong Kong Ellipsometry
Juan Martínez Pastor, Universidad de Valencia, Spain Electroluminescent diodes and Lasers
René Olivares-Navarrete, Georgia Tech and Emory University, USA Biomaterial-Cell Interactions
Saúl Romero, ININ, MEX Análisis de Materiales con haces de iones
PANalytical X-Ray difraction


Specialist Meeting on Carbon Plenary Lectures

A. Ferrari

University of Cambridge, Dept Engn, Cambridge


 Raman spectroscopy and photonics of graphene

T. Enoki

Dept of Technology, Tokyo Inst. of Tech.


Nanographene and its unconventional electronic and magnetic structures

W. I. Milne

University of Cambridge, Dept Engn, Cambridge


Novel Carbon Nanotube Field Emission Sources

A. Tagliaferro

Politecnico di Torino


Carbon films as coronary stent coating

S. R. P. Silva

Univ Surrey, Nanoelect Ctr, Adv Technol Inst


 Accept - Title pending confirmed

J. C. Sanchez

Materiales Nanoestructurados y Microestructura, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Sevilla


Tribological behavior of amorphous carbon-based coatings

P. Patsalas

Univ Ioannina, Dept Mat Sci & Engn, Ioannina


 Accept - Title pending

G. A. J. Amaratunga

University of Cambridge, Dept Engn, Cambridge


Nanocarbons for energy storage

M. Hiramatsu

Meijo Univ, Nano Factory, Dept Elect & Elect Engn, Nagoya


Carbon nanowalls: synthesis and application

G. Fanchini

Rutgers State Univ, NJ ---Canada


Amorphization of graphene: from order to a-C

M. Chhowalla

Rutgers State Univ, NJ


Large area electronics based on partially oxidized graphene

R. Nemanich

Department of Physics, Arizona State University


Visible Light Photo-induced and Photo-enhanced Electron Emission from Doped Nanocrystalline Diamond Films

 J. McLaughlin

Director of the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Institute and NIBEC NIBEC Building University of Ulster


 Advances in carbon nanostructures of CNT's and Graphene properties in relation to their biosensing capability

R. B Jackman

Director, MSc programme in Nanotechnology, Chair in Electronic Devices, Head, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering & Diamond Electronics Group London Centre for Nanotechnology


Detonation nanodiamonds - properties and device applications'

P. Bergonzo

Director of Research at the French Atomic Energy Commission, Diamond Sensors Laboratory


Diamond for biosensing and neurointerfacing applications

T. Makarova

Physics Dept., Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University


Magnetic order  induced in graphite by fluorination

A. Herrera

CINVESTAV-Unidad Querétaro, Qro.


The distribution sp2/sp3 species in carbon nanofilms and it's effect on the rheological properties

G. McGuire

International Technology Center, NC


Detonation Nanodiamond in DMSO as Seeding Slurries for CVD Diamond

N. Marks

Nanochemistry Research Institute (NRI) at Curtin University


Self-assembly of carbon into nanotubes, onions and other sp2-bonded  forms

 S. Curtarolo

Associate Professor of Materials Science and Physics, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University


Ab-initio insights in nano catalysts: thermo-kinetic effects and size dependent Wulff plots

C. Corbella

Departamento de Física Aplicada y Óptica (FAO) of the Univsity of Barcelona


Micro/nanostructured surfaces of amorphous carbon
films with anisotropic properties

M. Buongiorno-Nardelli

CHiPS and Department of Physics, NC State University, CSMD, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 


Theory of the electronic and transport properties of epitaxial graphene

D. R. McKenzie

The University of Sydney


Using an energy landscape for carbon to choose the right carbon for the job

M. Moseler

Fraunhofer Frieburg


Atomistic insights into the tribology of diamond materials and the growth of carbon nanotubes

A. Erdemir

Argonne National Labs


Principles of Surface Design and Chemistry for Superlubricity in Carbon Films

A. A. Balandin

Nano-Device Laboratory, University of California - Riverside


Thermal Properties of Low-Dimensional Carbon Materials

A. Krasheninnikov

Department of Physics, University of Helsinki


Engineering the structure and properties of carbon nanostructures using electron and ion beams

F. Contreras Torres

Inst. de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM


Chemical Functionalization of Carbon Nanomaterials

S. E. Rodil



Nanocomposite Amorphous Carbon-Silver films

E. Marinero

Hitachi San Jose Research Laboratory,


Towards Single-Digit Atomic Layers Thick Carbon Overcoats for Information Storage Technology: Needs and Challenges

J. Robinson

US Naval Research Laboratory


Tailoring graphene's properties through chemistry: from functionalization to nanomechanics

O. Dubon

Department of Materials Science and Engineering, U.C. Berkeley


 Accept - Title pending

A. Khlobystov

B-28 School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham


Carbon Nanotubes as Containers for Molecules


Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée, Université de Picardie Jules Verne


Amorphous carbon films for electrochemical applications (detection of metals)