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47th IUVSTA Workshop on Angle-Resolved XPS:

The Current Status and Future Prospects for Angle-resolved XPS
of Nano and Subnano Films

Riviera Maya, Mexico, March 26 to 30, 2007

The Workshop will be hosted by IBEROSTAR Quetzal/Tucan, an amazing all-inclusive hotel located in a most splendid site, the Riviera Maya. Please notice that the availability of rooms at the Hotel might end at any time. You will not be able to book directly at the Hotel.  The Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan Hotels give away all of their rooms to travel carriers for their management. 

To reserve only the hotel you could contact the travel agency "De Vacaciones", which is located in Merida (Mexico). The contact person would be Ms. Lygia Márquez at or at (52 999) 928 8281, 928 8282 or 928 8283. If you want to reserve the hotel and the plane together, you can contact Catherine Banks at or at

However, there are many other travel agencies that operate with this hotel (some agencies will list IBEROSTAR Quetzal, and others the IBEROSTAR Tucan):

  • Austria: Gulet
  • Germany: Meiers Thomas Cook, Nur Turistic
  • Holland: Hotelplan Holanda, Oad Reisen
  • Italia: Hotelplan Italia
  • Portugal: Club Abreu
  • Spain: Iberojet, Turavia
  • UK: Air Tours, Direct Hollydays, First Choice, Thomas Cook
  • USA: Adventure Tours, Apple Vacations, TNT, Funjet, American Airlines, GWV
  • Switzerland: Hotelplan Suiza, Esco Reisen

As an example, a quote obtained on 1/4/2007 from Gulet was the following:


From the USA, a quote obtained on 10/24/06 from Funjet Vacations was US$1,824. This included:

  • Round trip from Dallas.
  • Single occupancy for six nights at the resort.
  • All food and drinks.
  • Transportation from the airport to the resort and back.
  • Taxes.

The example below was obtained also on 10/24/06 but from Apple Vacations, and it was US$1,951.  This included the same, although the hotel was the IBEROSTAR Tucan.

Please write to us if you have any question


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