The core of the scientific program of the Conference are the symposia, for the X-ICSMV there will a total of 15 symposiums and one forum for science divulgation. For the X edition we keep the invited simposium of Luminescence Phenomena: Materials and Applications and the Atomic Layer deposition, the Ab-initio Calculation and Supercomputing have been reformulated as the symposium Theory and simulation of materials. From now on the Surface and Interfaces Symposium has been propose as a new forum for compiling the contributions that our members that are scattered across other symposia that could fit more properly as a surface phenomena. 

We would like to give thanks to all the chairs of the symposiums that with their invaluable work contributes to make an enjoyable meeting for each  one of the attendees, an amazing experience that will prompt her(him) to continue their scientific career.

The SMCTSM Committee