Instructions for submitting your videos for poster contributions


Please use the following Youtube tutorials for making a narrated slideshow*

The maximum size of the allowed files is 27 MB for 5 minutes therefore we recommend to use the standard resolutions of 480p (852x480) for video instead of Full HD, or 4k.

For uploading the videos we have two methods:

Method 1. (Preferred)

And option will be available on the abstract webpage, use the code of your poster as the name of the file, the code consist of three letter for the symposium and three numbers for example NSN-001 .

Method 2. By Email

Send it to the following address:

Use the code of your contribution in the subject of the message, if you have more the one contribution send one email by contribution.


*If you don use powerpoint or similar at the end of the video it gives a option to use a software to capture  video from you screen or either you could make a video by your own means, just comply with the 27MB size for 5 minutes exposition.